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My Dad let me have this car since it was just sitting out back and hadn't even run for a year. He's gotta replace a few things, fix some wiring, and the car will be back up and running great. The car is in A LOT better condition then I thought it would be in, considering it was trashed when my dad let me get started on it. But hey it's free, so it's all good.

In this picture you can sorta see where I waxed the car on the doors, and the roof. The trim is still quite nice in most areas, but you may notice a little chunk of the taillight is missing. The pinstriping is also coming off, but I don't think I'm gonna mess with that.

In this picture you can sorta see where I waxed the car on the doors (see the reflection? Oooh Aaaah), roof, and front of the car. You may also notice there's a power cord sticking out of the hood, no it's not electric. We had a battery charger under there but soon we realized the battery was toast, so we gotta get a new one.

There's a few rust spots to fix up, some other touchups, more waxing, cleaning, and fixing to be done. But when we're done it should be a pretty good car. I'll change the pics as I work on the car (it's at my dad's so that's not very often), and hopefully I'll get some better pics next time that will show the shine, it really does look nice for being so old and only being waxed once or twice before.

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